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“On your feet, Wellington”

An article in the New Zealand Dominion Post, titled “On your feet, Wellington” reports on Space Syntax’s proposals to reconnect the pedestrian infrastructure of the capital.

Academics “embrace” Wikipedia – shock!

“Demonising Wikipedia won’t work. It’s massively used and it’s in all our interests to make it massively better.”

Nieman Journalism Fellow and BBC reporter Philippa Thomas comments in her blog on the myth and reality of Wikipedia.

Here’s the full post.

Londoners develop own space craft

As reported in the Times Higher Education Supplement on 17 April 1998

Julia Hinde reports on UCL’s novel architectural consultancy that aims to make money from the spaces between buildings.

How is it that some company coffee machines become the focus of office life, where deals are struck and ideas take shape, while others are purely functional? Why do some modern shopping centres take off, while others are seen as windswept and heartless and remain deserted?

It is down to “space”, says architect Tim Stonor, the business mind behind University College London’s architecture consultancy, the Space Syntax Laboratory. Continue reading Londoners develop own space craft