Monthly Archives: June 2015

Designing Resilient Cities – creating a future Avalon

Designing Resilient Cities – notes from Day 1 A note from the Vice-Mayor for Infrastructure to the Mayor cc Vice-Mayor for Sustainability Vice-Mayor for Engagement Vice-Mayor for Disruption The Public Avalon faces the risk of functional failure. The only way forward is to change. Our infrastructure is inefficient. It needs to become efficient. This is […]

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Green space in cities – when more is less

Tim Stonor‘s response to a study published today, which shows that green space in cities improves the mental development of schoolchildren.  I welcome the study: the more we understand cities the better; the Science of Cities – the link between the design of the built environment and the way that we use it – much […]

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The Prince of Wales defines the resilient city #DCR15

3 key features: 1. Embracing local culture, knowledge and customs. Local understanding.  2. Creating places for all types of people to live together – not ghettos. Diversity.  3. Integrating people and nature at the centre of the process: urban gardens, parks, orchards & allotments – while protecting rural hinterland.

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