Monthly Archives: September 2012

Going to “work” is actually going to “interact”

Why is people movement important in buildings? In a knowledge economy, the key role of buildings is the production and dissemination of new knowledge to drive innovation. Awareness leads to interaction leads to transaction. Spatial layout works with management style to create a “spatial culture”. Corner offices v corridors People should sit based on need […]

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Planning to “plan” or planning to “process”?

There’s an argument for more deterministic planning – taking the guesswork out of it. Planning should create plans not just processes. We have clearly defined processes but uncertain physical and spatial plans. Too much is left to individual actors. More determinisitic planning, it is argued, will be to the benefit of investors, operators and end […]

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Is density just a fashion?

“It is possible that density is a fashion.” Anon It is also possible that low density is a fashion. Indeed this would seem from the evidence to be a much greater possibility.  Look at the urban record. The last hundred years has seen endless experimentation with urban form and people’s lives – almost always low […]

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