Monthly Archives: May 2012

A short film about Space Syntax

Tim Stonor, Managing Director, Space Syntax “The population of the world is increasing and, as it increases, more and more of us are living in cities. As cities have grown in the 20th century they have often grown to disconnect people. Space Syntax has discovered that many of these problems in cities – disconnection, lack […]

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Life by a thousand connections

Background The everyday actions of architects and urban planners influence the everyday physical activity of people by creating the networks of streets and public spaces through which people move. Similarly, inside buildings, the layout of space influences the degree to which people move around. The precise mechanisms through which spatial patterns influence behaviour patterns are […]

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Research into practice

At a conference where almost every speaker has been concerned about the delay of getting academic research into practice. One proposed solution is open access. No doubt there are other ideas. The problem is that the research-into-practice paradigm is wrong. The way to handle practice is not to see it as the receiver of new […]

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