Monthly Archives: January 2012

Tim Stonor appointed Visiting Professor at the Bartlett, University College London

Press release from Space Syntax Limited Space Syntax director, Tim Stonor, has been appointed a Visiting Professor at the Bartlett, University College London. The award was made by UCL Provost, Prof Malcolm Grant. It is a title conferred upon distinguished individuals from the professions.

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#SSS8 tweetroll

Courtesy largely of Dr Kerstin Sailer @kerstinsailer, here is a #SSS8 hashtag tweetroll for the 8th International Space Syntax Symposium in Santiago de Chile… neuarchitects Ben Paul @Tim_Stonor new .net site looks great and #SSS8 sounds fascinating, plus Santiago sunshine too…it’s a win win. 45 minutes ago  kerstinsailer Kerstin Sailer To engage with historical research, detailed spatial descriptions and a […]

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Goodbye hello

After a decade of earnest, if occasionally erratic, service the website has been retired. Designed to serve the community of space syntax researchers, .org created the first place online that brought together the various strands of space syntax academic activity: publications, software development and international symposia. Built pre- Facebook, Twitter and YouTube .org was […]

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