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Notes for AGI Conference talk: Measure, map, model, make

My slides Great placemaking is a process combining art and science. There is a place for both and indeed a need for both. Two problems. First, urban planning is largely an analogue discipline. Too many diagrams and watercolours. Not enough … Continue reading

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Approaching large scale urban design schemes

On Friday I gave a presentation at a Design Council CABE event, “Inside Design Review”. My talk, “Approaching large scale urban design schemes“, sets out a framework for thinking about the complexity of major urban development proposals.

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The end of ages for transport planning and the birth of an era of transaction planning

There is so much interest, from so many different interests, in the future of urban living. This suggests that, whatever else, people suspect that things will change. I’m sure this is right – technology, resource scarcity, population growth, energy shortage … Continue reading

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Everyone in LA should have an equal opportunity of being eaten by a mountain lion

MIT Media Lab, 8th April 2011 In accepting the 2011 Kevin Lynch Award at MIT, Randy Hester gave a provocative speech about the enduring importance of urban design. Here is my tweetroll from the event. 18:06 At the 2011 Kevin Lynch … Continue reading

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“Loeb Fellows invite…” seminar on Food Systems

Wednesday, 6th April 2011 at 6:30pm Harvard Graduate School of Design, Piper Auditorium 48 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

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Carbon emissions & spatial connections

I spoke today to Dr Joyce Rosenthal’s “Environmental Planning & Sustainable Development” class at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. My presentation “Carbon emissions & spatial connections” can be viewed on Slideboom.

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From landscapes of extraction to creative industries of organic matter & waste

​​Monday, 14th February 2011 at 6pm Stubbins Room, Harvard Graduate School of Design, 48 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA 02138 Participants Pablo Rey, Basurama Manolo Mansylla, Trashpatch Robin Nagle, anthropologist of material culture (waste) Scientist doing research in biomaterials (Wyss Institute … Continue reading

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